Laura Pardini

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“We have worked with Laura for more than a decade, and she has gone beyond our expectations every step of the way. With her attention to detail and invaluable insight, I can’t imagine trusting anyone else with finding the right home for our family.”
Victoria Recano – Television Personality

“Laura Pardini is an amazing professional. She was incredibly helpful finding us just what we needed: a luxurious space that would be both an office vibe and a place for us to impress our guests. It was a no-brainer for us to contact Laura again when we needed a second space.”
B. Åkerlund – Costume Designer/Stylist

“Laura is fantastic! She went above and beyond and I felt her care and attention to detail every step of the way.”
Carter MacIntyre – Actor

“Laura is very thorough and patient. She has the ability to understand the buyer’s needs and match that with not only available inventory, but also properties not on the MLS.”
Paivi Hacker – Reality TV Celebrity

“We were hugely impressed by Laura’s thoroughness and tenacity. If there is a deal to be made, she will make sure it gets done.”
Ross Schwartz – Writer, Producer, Attorney

“I’ve always felt that she was my advocate and had my best interest at heart. Her integrity and attention to detail have made her my top choice. Simply put… Laura makes things happen.”
Brandi Cecil – Makeup Artist

“She made the process easy, understandable and actually pleasant. Laura is a wealth of information and I would never work with anyone else.”
Jennifer Culp – Interior Designer: JC Studio